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Whether it's the New Year, Spring Cleaning, Fall or Winter holiday season, Moxiee Life home organization services is here to help! 

What's the best part about getting organized during these seasons? The discounted rates!

Neutral christmas decorations

How It Works

It's important that our process is seamless, so you don't have to overthink anything!

1. Complimentary Assessment

-We'll come to your home, listen to your needs, and come up with a plan!

-Travel to and from your location is free 

(*additional fee for travel over 25 miles from our office)

2. It's Time For The Holidays!

-Our holiday assistance service involves retrieving all the storage bins, unpacking them, and decorating according to your instructions and preferences.

3. After the Holidays

-After the holiday season, we'll assist with the task of taking down decorations, carefully packing them away, and preparing you for the upcoming season

Our Rates

To do list


*Free within 25 miles

Woman organizing closet

Seasonal Rates

*New Years, Spring Cleaning, Fall Holidays, December Holidays, Graduation and special events

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