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Organized Kitchen

VIP Membership

Are you tired of the clutter and chaos in your home? Say hello to the Moxiee Life VIP Membership – your key to achieving ultimate organization, serenity, and efficiency in every corner of your living space. Get ready to reclaim your space and your sanity!

How It Works

It's important that our process is seamless, so you don't have to overthink anything!

1. Complimentary Assessment

-We'll come to your home, listen to your needs, and come up with your VIP package!

-Travel to and from your location is free 

(*additional fee for travel over 25 miles from our office)

2. It's Time To...Organize!

-Decluttering, sorting, and implementing functional solutions

-A fully customized design plan suited to your family’s home and needs

-Providing sourcing and shopping services for your fresh storage solutions and products, with the added benefit of handling returns for any unused supplies (products not included). We also offer a convenient one-car load donation haul-off service.

3. Reliable Support

-Complete assistance available through phone, text, and email to support you between your sessions.

4. Coaching & Sustaining

-Guidance and coaching for effectively upkeeping your freshly organized areas.

Our Rates

Woman organizing closet

Monthly Membership

 $850/MONTH *1 year


-12 hours of hands-on, in-home organizing per month

-Monthly memberships are for busy families that need their entire homes organized cost-effectively, from the top to the bottom.

-Our monthly roll-over option allows space for us to tackle several large-scale projects throughout the year. 

-Your monthly membership includes free in-home consultation ( 200.00 value) and an annual savings of $800.00.

Woman relaxing by pool




-12 hours of hands-on, in-home organizing per quarter

-Quarterly memberships are designed to assist you in upkeeping your existing organization systems throughout the entire year, or to tackle specific areas within your home as needed.

-These quarterly evaluations provide an ideal opportunity to fine-tune your organization systems as your priorities evolve and fluctuate.

-Your quarterly membership includes free in-home consultations ($200 value) and an annual savings of $400.

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